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Wednesday 4th April 2012

Online Tuition With Matthew Rochford

Online Tuition Packages
Online tuition is now available with Matthew Rochford, via live video link, email and video feedback.  This programme allows you to access Matthew's depth of experience in a way that is tailored for you.  It's easy to set up and will give you a fantastic training opportunity with immense benefits.

The package includes:

- an introductory session of 30 minutes with follow up email with agreed content for your training programme

- 4 live video sessions of 40 minutes

- 4 support emails to answer questions and make suggestions

- a video feedback session.  This is done in response to a video you upload and Matthew will then give you feedback via email.

The cost for this is $299 (£189).

To book please email: matthew@taichination.com  or Skype (TaiChiNation5) or +44 (0) 1803 864 170.

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