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Teachers - Helen Haywood

Helen Haywood qualified with Tai Chi Nation in 2010, but has extensive experience going back several years.  She is currently available for one to one teaching and workshops upon request and is based in West Hampstead.

Helen has been practising Tai Chi since 1996, coincidently the same year she started work in the financial services industry.  She trained with the late Michael Spink in North London (Cheng Man Ching Short Form and Long Form; qigong, push hands adn Da Lu).  Since Michael's death in 2006 she continues to meet and train with this other students - working together to deepen their knowledge in a sharing environment.

Since 2009 Helen has been training with Matthew Rochford and Tai Chi Nation, teaching at Holistic Health on Broadway Market.

"Since I first came into contact with it, Tai Chi has helped me improve my general well being.  From the moment I started to learn the basic movements, I enjoyed the inner calm and focus the Tai Chi provides whilst exercising the whole body.  Learning to move in a concious way helped me to focus my mind, relax and connect internally.  I have found it a useful tool to access self awareness and personal growth"

- Helen Haywood 2011.

Contact Helen
Phone: 07747 808195