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Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor Training Courses

"I found the instructor course to be challenging, informative and fun.  It laid a good foundation for me to develop my practice" - Dorothy Berry Lound, Course Graduate.

"Thank you so much for the last two years it has been amazing. I enjoyed the course so much, and yes you are right, I have been on an amazing journey"  - Sue Riddett, Course Graduate.

"These courses have been thoughtfully put together and excellently led to suit students’ needs.  Highly recommended" - Helen Haywood, Course Graduate.

We have been running successful Instructor Training courses since 2004. We know that passing on what you know requires skill and dedication. Our Instructor Course will help you develop the skills you need to become a competent and confident teacher and guide. From learning and honing teaching skills to learning how to project your voice, plan a class, teach safely and with integrity -  this course provides a comprehensive training in teaching Tai Chi and Qigong. A supportive learning environment with leading teachers (registered and qualified) make these training courses uniquely attractive. 
There are 4 modules, which can be done altogether or on a more flexible basis.  Studying the Qigong modules alone will gain you certification as a Qigong teacher, the Tai Chi modules alone will qualify you to teach Tai Chi.
All four modules together will give you an excellent basis for teaching both arts.
You will need to have at least 6 months relevant experience for the Qigong Modules or 12 months for the Tai Chi Modules. Experience in similar arts may be considered -  the most important thing is a genuine wish to share the benefits with others and a determination to study and practice well.

Course postponed until March 2019. Our next Qigong Instructor Course will begin on 16th March in Exeter, Devon (see below):

Dates for Module 1 are:  16/17th March, 13th/14th April, 11th/12th May and 15th/16th June

Dates for Module 2  13th/14th July, 14th/15th September, 19th/20th October and 16th/17th November


Our next Tai Chi Instructor course begins in October 2019

Qigong Module One (Foundation): Qigong, Daoyin and Chinese Medicine. This module consists of 4 weekends plus assignments and home study. Regular practice of the course contents is expected. This module can be done on it's own as a foundation course, although it must be completed if you'd like to do Qigong Module Two.

Includes detailed instruction in Shi Ba Shi (Tai Chi Qigong), 5 Element Qigong, Daoyin (Chinese Yoga, Meditation and Qi Theory (from Chinese Medicine).  At the end there is an assessment which includes a demonstration of your Qigong Forms.
Cost: £600 (deposit £200, then monthly instalments of £100).

Qigong Module Two: Teaching Qigong and Daoyin.  4 weekends plus assignments and home study.

In this module we show you exactly how to teach these practices, develop your understanding of them and how to start teaching informal sessions and then public classes. At the end there is an assessment which includes a demonstration of your teaching skills.
Cost: £700 (deposit £200, then monthly instalments of £100).

To reserve your place or for more information contact Joe Salmon: Joe@taichination.com