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Newsletter Autumn 2014 PDF

Newsletter Autumn 2013 PDF

Newsletter Spring 2013 PDF

Newsletter Winter/Autumn 2012 PDF

The Tai Chi Nation Guide to Tai Chi Part 1

Tai Chi Sequence - 24 Posture Compact Form guide to movements

Tai Chi Sequence - Cheng Man Ching 37 Postures list of movements

The Tai Chi Nation Guide to Qigong Part 1

The Tai Chi Nation Guide to Qigong Part 2 (revised and extended)

Five Flavours - Chinese Medicine and Diet Magazine Introductory Edition

MP4s (you'll need Quicktime 7 for this or to save the file for your iPod, right click on the link and use "save link as")

Holding the Ball Qigong (with visualisation) - simple effective relaxation session

You can also have a look at our YouTube channel where we have lots of free videos.



Qigong Mini Session

Tai Chi Compact 24 Form

Tai Chi Cheng Man Ching Form

The Tai Chi Story Talk


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