Tai Chi Nation  

Tai Chi Nation Community and Partners

Our partners are special Tai Chi Nation friends and members of our community that share some or all of our goals and offer something meaningful to us and to you.  Our current partners are:

Roy Leighton Ltd.
Roy Leighton Ltd is made up of a gifted and strangely attractive bunch of driven people with a shared, infectious vision: the unwavering desire to help people and organisations fulfil their unique potential. Whether in business or education, their dynamic, exciting approach supports the development of a highly successful environment.

Tree Nation
Has an amazing dream: to plant 8 million trees in the shape of a heart, in the centre of Africa.  With such essential benefits for the people and environment, this new project will no doubt inspire you to get planting and tell all your friends.

Natural Matters
Is a leading health and ethically related website and weekly newletter.  It carries some really relevant stories, great competitions and special offers to anyone interested in compassionate, healthy living.


Schumacher College
Founded by the great Satish Kumar  in 1991, Schumacher College is a unique international educational institution. It provides individuals and groups from across the world with the opportunity to learn on numerous levels about subjects relating to environmental and social sustainability.

The Tai Chi Union For Great Britain
TCUGB are the biggest Tai Chi organisation in the UK, serving several hundred qualified teachers.  Their website and magazine offer a rich resource and support network for anyone with a passion for Tai Chi.  All Tai Chi Nation teachers are Instructor level members of the TCUGB.

Qigong South West
Run by Brad Richecouer and Daverick Legget Qigong South West run some great classes and courses in the Hua Gong style of Qigong.

Open Palm Taiji
Luke Shepherd has been a great inspiration to Tai Chi Nation and continues to work closely with us now.  He has over 30 years experience and is one of Patrick Kelly's senior students.

Mike Potter
As well as having an encyclopedic knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Mike hs helped Tai Chi Nation develop all of it courses and currently teaches for Westminster University in London.  He also runs a acupuncture practice in Totnes and Kingsbridge.

The Devon School Of Shiatsu
Offer a unique training, teaching healing on all four levels of a human being, the physical and energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. We primarily contact and work with the ‘Ki’ or energy flow within a person using our hands, which then affects the physical body and its functioning, the emotions, mind, and often the spiritual core of the person. This makes shiatsu a very flexible form of healing, able to help people on many levels. 


“Attending one of Kashyapi's urban retreats and allowing myself time for contemplation, reflection and meditation in the busy world with such a busy life, was one of the kindest things I have done for myself, and those around me.” — Participant, Urban Retreat.

For retreat information visit: unsui.co/

Universal Energy Healing - Healing Our World, One Person at a Time.

Our goal is to help people recognise and reconnect with their true energetic nature. Working with three energy healing modalities – Tai Chi/Chi Kung, Acupuncture and Reiki – we seek to provide a framework for people to take control of their own healing. Through these practices we give people the knowledge and skills to return to a state of natural well being. We believe that, ultimately, the only person any of us can heal is ourselves.

Qigong for Everyone
offers Qigong classes and individual tuition at the Estuary Integrated Centre in beautiful Topsham near Exeter. It is run by Penny Bayer PHD who has many years of practice in meditation and Qigong. Penny achieved a Distinction on her Tai Chi Nation Instructor Course and is dedicated to making these beneficial practices accessible to all.

offers Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Covent Garden, London as well as Yoga and Reiki. It is run by Fernando Echeveste, a multi disciplined teacher of great experience with many years of practice who frequently travels the world sharing his love of these arts.

Newtown Community Association
We work with Newtown Community Association to provide twice weekly Qigong classes and Community Cafes in beautiful Belmont Park in Exeter. Originally aimed at seniors but now open to all for healthy exercise and social gathering.

Steiner Academy Exeter
We are happy to work with this inspiring school, teaching Tai Chi and Qigong to both staff and children. We run courses and workshops at this fantastic site which includes a grade II manor house, a modern sports hall and five acres of landscaped gardens.

Jill Humphries
Jill Humphries is a Tai Chi Nation qualified teacher offering One to One Qigong tuition in the Broadclyst EX5 area of Devon, near Exeter. Jill also teaches piano and is a skilled musician. Phone 07733 587123 to book a lesson.

Elmsgrove Chi-Yoga
Barry Elms is a Yoga teacher and Qigong Instructor based in Launceston, Cornwall: he runs Yoga and Qigong workshops, classes and retreats around Devon and Cornwall - 01566 774 792

Matthew Rochford Coaching
Tai Chi Nation founder and former Director Matthew Rochford is sharing his vast experience as a Coach for both businesses and individuals. "What ever challenges life presents to you, having an ally is a huge resource. My coaching can help you understand your predicament and potential more clearly, get clear on your goals and plan for success." You can plan for success by visiting matthewrochford.co.uk or calling 07717 172 691 to arrange a free consultation.

Newlina Eco Gardens
An innovative ecological well being project in the heart of Cornwall that grows exceptional produce with organic methods but also provides a beautiful space to pursue self development through connection with nature. They offer Eco-events including Fireside Story suppers, Eco - gardening courses, Wild craft play and Eco Parties for Children. Eco Gardens founders Paul and Laura Salmon have a long standing background in Meditation, Mindfulness and Qigong.