Tai Chi Nation  

Teachers ~ Paul Crawte

Paul is based in the North of Hampshire. Qualified through Tai Chi Nation in 2012. Paul has approx' 15 years of Tai Chi under his belt and is always looking for more.

Paul offers the TCN  24 Compact  Form, Qigong and related practices. His own Tai Chi development continues through attendance at Tai Chi Nation events, accessing other workshops and conferences, and with Sue Riddett when ever he is able. Alongside Tai Chi has a great love of the natural world and also practices Taekwondo and self protection.

Offering Tai Chi and Qigong for health and well being, Paul hopes to find a way to enable others to fit Tai Chi into their every day lives.

Overton, Hampshire
Small group and one to one tution available.  Paul is keen to expand his classes.

Contact Information
Email: paul.crawte@taichination.com
Tel: 07964 723 223